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April 2018

In April we went to a circus at the Forest Recreation Ground and I took some new photos of the neighbouring tram stop. We went to the city centre as well but the signs had still not been updated at the stops there so there was nothing new to photograph.

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

December 2017

I finally made it to Nottingham again, for a short visit to do some Christmas shopping. I thought I wasn't going to find anything new to photograph at first, having found all the line 1 stops in the city centre still have the original signage specifying Station Street as the southbound destination more than two years after it closed. But, at a late stage after it had got dark I found a ticket machine and a passenger information display at Nottingham Station I wasn't previously aware of, and found the kiosk at Clifton South had been repurposed.

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

December 2016

A trip to Nottingham for some Christmas shopping has resulted in some new photos. As nothing has changed in the city centre where we went first (yes, the signs still referred to Station Street) most of the photos ended up being taken at dusk or at night, with some of the ones during the former unfortunately coming out pretty badly due to such lighting being difficult for cameras to cope with.

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

April 2016

The first trip to Nottingham of the year has resulted in first photos of Clifton Centre and two other stops on that line, and a bit more. There's no new photos of city centre stops as I didn't notice that anything had changed (yes, that does mean the signs still referred to Station Street, a stop that closed months ago, and not to Clifton South and Toton Lane).

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

December 2015

A couple of trips to Nottingham earlier in the month have resulted in some new photos. Some of the photos were taken at night (all of them in fact during the second trip as we went in the evening in order to see a show) -- unfortunately I completely forget to change the setting on my camera during the first trip so all the photos, including those at night were taken in the "Day Landscape" mode so the night shots of Toton Lane and Bramcote Lane have probably come out worse than they would have done had I remembered to change the mode. Night shots of Clifton South and Royal Centre taken during the second trip were with the camera in the right mode thankfully.

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

August 2015

Phase two has finally opened so we went to Nottingham to have a go on it, and that means I've got photos of some of the new stops.

The look of the website has been updated to match the design of the stop name signs on phase two, which I'm assuming will be / are being rolled out on line one (the original southbound signs refer to Station Street as the destination, so something certainly needs to be done with them).

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

July 2015

When we booked to go and see a show in Nottingham this month around a year ago I thought, "phase two will definitely be open by then". Well, it wasn't, so the photos I've taken as part of that trip are not of phase two stops, but rather three phase one stops I hadn't previously covered. Still, I guess there's a fair chance I wouldn't have got photos of these stops had phase two opened in time so it'll probably result in me having photos of more stops than I otherwise would have in the end.

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

October 2014

A trip to Nottingham has resulted in some new photos, including some of the new Passenger Information Displays and first photos of Lace Market, Hucknall and Butler's Hill.

Stops that gained new photos in this update:

May 2014 (Launch of NET coverage)

Stops with photos at coverage launch:

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