Nottingham Station


Station Street

Nottingham Station stop replaced the original Station Street stop, which was directly at the top of the Station Street lift and stairs still used for access to the Nottingham Station stop, on 27th July 2015. Here are some photos that are only of the Station Street stop or have been superseded by newer photos above:

Stops By Line

Phoenix Park

Radford Road
Hyson Green Market

Meadows Way West
Gregory Street
Queens Medical Centre
University of Nottingham
University Boulevard
Middle Street
Beeston Centre
Chilwell Road
High Road - Central College
Cator Lane
Bramcote Lane
Eskdale Drive
Inham Road
Toton Lane

Butler's Hill
Moor Bridge
Bulwell Forest
Highbury Vale

David Lane
Wilkinson Street

Shipstone Street
Beaconsfield Street
Noel Street

The Forest
High School
Nottingham Trent University
Royal Centre
Old Market Square
Lace Market
Nottingham Station

Queens Walk
Meadows Embankment
Wilford Village
Wilford Lane
Compton Acres
Ruddington Lane
Southchurch Drive North
Clifton Centre
Holy Trinity
Summerwood Lane
Clifton South

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