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Danny's Tram Stop Photos:
Brussels (Bruxelles/Brussel)

Belgium's capital city, Brussels, has a very large tram network part of which is underground as a result of a "Pre-metro" project (like Stadtbahn systems in Germany, the underground stretches are designed to allow for future conversion to full metro — in fact part of the city's metro network is converted pre-metro, and plans are in place to upgrade the pre-metro line through the city centre to full metro). For more information and history, see Wikipedia (trams in general, the metro and pre-metro) and UrbanRail.net (trams in general, the metro and pre-metro). For service and fare information, see the operator's website.

My photos come from a short visit in August 2018.

Alphabetical Stop List

Here's an alphabetical list of all the stops that I've got photos of (some stops have different names in each of French and Dutch — in these instances the French name is given first and is used to determine the position in the list, with the Dutch name after in italics):

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