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Danny's Tram Stop Photos: Düsseldorf

A "U-Stadtbahn" sign at Nordstraße stationDüsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, has a large tram network including both "stadtbahn" (a tramline that runs through sections designed for future conversion to full metro) and regular tram lines with the former running underground in the city centre. Three of the stadtbahn lines run through to neighbouring cities that have their own tram networks too: one to Duisburg, and two to Krefeld. For more information and history, see Wikipedia (stadtbahn, other trams) and UrbanRail.net (stadtbahn, other trams). For service and fare information, see the operator's website.

My photos come from a short stay in August 2018.

Alphabetical Stop List

Here's an alphabetical list of all the stops that I've got photos of:

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