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Danny's Tram Stop Photos:
Hannover Stadtbahn 

A "U" sign at Kr÷pcke stationHannover in Germany has a "Stadtbahn" (city railway), which is the name given to a tram network which has been moved underground in the city centre. The underground stations in Hannover are very substantial considering it's fundamentally a tram network -- in fact, some of the stations I've used on Berlin's underground metro (U-Bahn) were less substantial. For more information and history, see Wikipedia and UrbanRail.net. For service and fare information, see the operator's website.

My photos come from a day visit in August 2017 -- unfortunately my camera packed up partway through the day so not as much was photographed as would have otherwise been (this is why there's only one photo of Waterloo -- the camera died while I was trying to take a photo of the mezzanine level). Please note Bahnhof Nordstadt is not representative of surface stops -- the vast majority have full-length high platforms.

Alphabetical Stop List

Here's an alphabetical list of all the stops that I've got photos of:

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