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November 2021

(Published 30/11/2021.) My first tram journeys since before the pandemic ended up being in Manchester to visit the Christmas markets, but the opportunity was also taken to finally go on the Trafford Park Line. As well as the opening of that line, other things to have happened since my last trip to Manchester are refurblishments of Cornbrook and Shudehill, and I got photos of them too.

Stations that gained new photos in this update:

November 2018

(Finally published January 2019.) A trip to see the poppies at the Imperial War Museum North and have a look round the Christmas market has resulted in some new photos at long last.

Stations that gained new photos in this update:

June 2016

It was longer than I expected back in January but we finally returned to Manchester, completing what I planned to do before, plus going to the ends of the Airport and Oldham and Rochdale lines and to more stations on the South Manchester Line.

Stations that gained new photos in this update:

January 2016

Yes, I finally made it back to Manchester in late January. Unfortunately the trip had to be cut short so plans to see the rebuilt Victoria station, refurbished Market Street station and new Exchange Square station had to be abandoned, but I did make it to the rebuilt Deansgate-Castlefield station, and made a first trip on the Airport line. It's planned that we will return to Manchester soon so hopefully the next update won't be as long after this one as this one was after the last one!

Stations that gained new photos in this update:

February 2014

The opening of the Oldham Town Centre route seemed like a good excuse to visit the town, so we did just that at the end of February. Due to work at Victoria the Oldham and Rochdale line was severed from the rest of the system so we park and rode from Hollinwood rather than the usually more convenient (coming from the south) East Didsbury. After having a look round Oldham we went further up the line to visit Milnrow and Shaw and Crompton, before returning to the car and transferring it down to Ashton Moss to visit Ashton-under-Lyne.

All this meant we didn't go through the city centre for the first time, nor pass through any stations we'd passed through before, so all the photos are of stations not previously covered.

Stations that gained new photos in this update:

September 2013

Another day trip late September resulted in first photos of East Didsbury and Shudehill, meaning I've now finally got some photos of the South Manchester Line, and I've now taken photos of all the City Zone stations (although some will become invalid fairly soon) respectively. Among the new photos of stations already photographed before, my repeat visits to Bowker Vale to see if it's finally finished have now concluded (because it probably now is).

Stations that gained new photos in this update:

March 2013

A day trip to Manchester has resulted in a few new photos, including some of the brand new East Manchester Line

Stations that gained new photos in this update:

August 2012 (Launch of Metrolink coverage)

Stations with photos at coverage launch:

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