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Danny's Tram Stop Photos:
Sheffield Supertram

Stagecoach Supertram, originally South Yorkshire Supertram, was the second of the UK's second-generation tram systems to open. Until 2018 it had never been extended, but as part of a pilot scheme, the UK's first tram-train line became part of the system in October of that year. For more information and history, see Wikipedia. For service and fare information, see the operator's website.

New Photos November 2018

(Finally published January 2019.) The tram-train extension has now opened, so we returned to Sheffield to have a go on it, resulting in some first photos of not just the stops on said extension but some others as well find them in the Alphabetical Stop List below in stops marked First Photos!.

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Alphabetical Stop List

Here's an alphabetical list of all the stops that I've got photos of. You might prefer to explore them via a line diagram.

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