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Danny's Tram Stop Photos:
Seville (Sevilla) Metrocentro

Metrocentro is a short tram line in Seville (Sevilla in Spanish), Andalusia, Spain, which serves to connect the city centre to the city's metro and the railway network. It opened in 2007 with overhead wires over its whole length, but in 2011 they were removed from the most central stretch with trams instead running on batteries which are recharged at each stop (West Midlands Metro is introducing battery running with trams from the same manufacturer, CAF).

For more information and history, see Wikipedia and UrbanRail.net. For service and fare information, see the operator's website.

My photos come from a holiday in April 2019.


As it's only a short line, here's a line diagram rather than an alphabetical list (the gallery below that is still in alphabetical order though):

Plaza Nueva (two photos)
Archivo de Indias (three photos)
Puerta Jerez (one photo)
Prado San Sebastián (two photos)

San Bernardo (one photo)

Line diagram correct as of April 2019

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