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West Midlands Metro 

West Midlands Metro logo sign at St Paul's stopWest Midlands Metro, formerly known as Midland Metro, runs between the cities of Birmingham and Wolverhampton, with new extensions under construction or planned within those cities, as well as to Brierley Hill. It is the UK's first modern tram system to have sections where the trams run on batteries. For more information and history, see Wikipedia and UrbanRail.Net. For service and fare information, see the official website. For official information about future extensions, see the Midland Metro Alliance website.

New Photos December 2019

(Finally published 26th April 2020.) The opening of the extension to Library Centenary Square and the Frankfurt Christmas Market were the catalyst for a trip back to Birmingham during which I took some photos of what had been rebranded the West Midlands Metro since my last visit. Stops marked with First Photos! or New Photos! in the Alphabetical Stop List below have new photos.

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Alphabetical Stop List

Here's an alphabetical list of all the stops that I've got photos of. You might prefer to explore them via a line diagram.

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